Player Please!

Hi~ Welcome to my world. First of all, I'd be very happy if you could call me "Domo-kun"*.

Here you will find more about me. Obviously I am now a student. But far more than that, I am a will-be scientist, a geek, an (extremely) amateur photographer, a Half-Otaku, a nonstop traveler, a collector, and, most importantly, a player. Seriously. This is nothing about cynicism, but a view of the world.

Enjoy your time here, and hopefully, we share something in common.

* Domo is my nickname. It didn't originate from Domo-kun, but is partly related to DOMO Group, a video game development group based in Taiwan. Though I'm happy to share the name with NHK's strange yet cute creature.

Computer science.
This is how I spend my non-spare time.
Travel with sound.
To see a different world.
Nijigen complex.
"Empathy?" "I'm saying I love you."
Well.. If you really want to reach me.