My college life

Beihang University, or previously BUAA, is located in Beijing, a city where you literally have access to whatever you can ever imagine. That was where I spent 4 years learning nothing yet almost everything.

Those who were students in the School of Software, must know exactly how things were going there: we struggled to be different from CS guys simply because of a different school name; we coped with projects in which we are only required to write documents, not code; we skipped tons of classes to sleep or play games; we spent hours and hours learning ASP.NET, which, when we were interviewing for internships, turned out to be, well, not quite helpful.

But now I am still a proud graduate and I still would like to tell people how great Beihang is. I am grateful for everything I learned, and for everyone I met. Precious memories, that is how I call them.

The start of research

In my senior year, I finally decided to do something interesting. That is the incentive I joined the first research lab in my life. There in about two semesters we built up a distributed firewall based on iptables and Snort. The project opened up the gate of research for me and ignited my passion on computer security.