What is Bloomberg?

Well I know it is not so famous as Google or Facebook. But Bloomberg is definitely a great place for CS guys to work and to have fun.

Bloomberg L.P. is the leading provider of global business and financial news and data, founded by Michael Bloomberg, the current Mayor of New York City, in 1981. The core product of Bloomberg is called Bloomberg Terminal, a unique computer system providing financial data and tools. Since Bloomberg Terminal, the core “money-generating” service of Bloomberg, has evolved to a pure software solution, it is not hard to understand why Bloomberg is actually a technical company rather than a financial one. In fact, it is a technical enterprise that earns money from the financial guys.

My internship at Bloomberg

I worked in the Systems Security group (SYSSEC), which belongs to the Network Design and Information Security (NDIS) group. In general, SYSSEC designs security strategies and implements security tools for the Bloomberg environment. We aim at guaranteeing the safety and security of Bloomberg’s network and production machines, and at the same time consistently increasing the efficiency and manageability of Bloomberg’s security mechanisms.