About Founder Technology

Founder Technology Group Corporation, a subsidiary of Founder Group, is an information technology enterprise headquartered in Shanghai, China. It is the second-largest personal computer vendor in China, and was created by Peking University in 1986.

My internship at Founder

It was technically my last summer holiday in Beijing. After having wasted all previous summers I decided to find something to do to at least get paid. Thanks to ASP.NET, the only framework I learned at school, I had a hard time looking for a matching position. Luckily Founder Tech was building a patent management system at that time and I easily got the offer after several interviews exactly on ASP.NET. During the summer internship I helped on prototyping the patent system using ASP.NET and C#.

Honestly this was not a real internship, but more like a series of take-home exams, as we didn't have desks in the company. We met with our mentors regarding a progress report and a plan for the next week and that's it: most of the times we were working back in our dorms or in libraries. Though didn't have much communication with other full timers, the culture of the company still left me a deep impression. The whole company literally inherites the culture of Peking University: there are no managers and employees, but professors and students. It has a great open communication environment, which encourages everyone to speak up.